About us

Fun & Games Montville was established in 2009 on the Queensland Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Fun & Games brings back memories of the past, and the excitement of the present and the future. Do you remember Pop Pop Boats, Jacks, Magnetic Fishing, Hopscotch, Pick Up Sticks, Tiddlywinks, Squirt Flower,  Rubber Band Puzzle,  Jack In The Box, Metal Spinning Tops, Diving Sub, Click Clack Balls, Jack Straws and the Original Gyroscope? The list goes on. We also have a colourful range of Twisting, Twirling, Spinning, Fluttering, Moving, Garden Spinners, Windsocks, Whirlygigs , Kites, Wooden & Metal Puzzles to challenge everyone & fun things for small to big kids.

Come & visit Fun & Games Montville  and experience our exciting range of products.